Founder: Morrison Bibi

I started Mountain Shade during the Summer of 2023 heading into my Sophomore year at the University of Miami. I learned two things. First, I love to climb. Rock climbing is so much fun and there is an amazing community to immerse yourself in. Second, people own soooo many pairs of sunglasses. I know random. But I love my shades and love to travel which led me to discover my first product.

1. Why a Travel Sunglasses Case?
- At first the sunglasses case was not thought of as a helpful travel accessory, instead more for housing/dorm decor. Once we began testing samples for the best quality, there was a realization that a sunglasses case can be both aesthetic and practical.

2. Why a Rock Climbing Mug?

- The idea for a rock climbing mug developed after a meal at the Mahoney/Pearson dining hall. Morrison Bibi, Jack Maas, Jessie Rosendez, and Jakob Brown finished their meal when the idea was born, "How about a cup with a Rock Climbing Handle?". There was no turning back since.

Climbing :) Check out MTNShade on Instagram for more videos!